Christmas Reflections'

 It bothers me why we celebrate a birth that ended devastatingly.

l understand that through Him our lives are preserved and Grace extends to us.

It is through His birth that l am what l am. l tremble in awe, of such a sacrifice.                                                         Born to die.

                                    Reflecting on my life,

                                         l have sinned, 

                                            l have failed, 

                l missed the mark- yet He has His arms wide open.

l do not want to celebrate His birth this Christmas. l want to sit in silence and whisper a prayer of thanksgiving.

    'l thank You Lord that You love me

    You loved me when l couldn't even love myself

    You loved me when l yielded to my sinful desires

    You loved me when l pulled myself in shame

    You have loved, Oh You love me.'

Let me sit in silence this year as l take a moment to appreciate.

I have spent many years just celebrating. This year, l need a moment. 

It bothers me why we celebrate a birth that ended devastatingly.

 l know now He had to die, He who knew no sin. 

Had to die so l could be free. 

The freedom l constantly battle. Oh it is for my good!

Celebrate with a grateful heart.
Take time and ponder upon His love.


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