Amazing Man

l am in love with an Amazing Man

l wake up daily embraced in his arms what more could anyone want?
He whispers good morning beautiful.
Smiling to myself, l await to encounter His special plan of the day.
Reminders pop as notifications of how He watches every step
Sending his Angels to reiterate His love for me.

Trees cascade his kisses melting my heart to a halt.
A halt of adoration and awe of how mindful He is of me.
A day never goes by without a reminder of His plans with me.
Sometimes flawless and remarkable on other days scotching and unbearable
His ways are beyond comprehend-able.

He wrote me a love letter and sealed it in this incredible book.
If l was not radically whipped for Him,
l would think crazy of the person who tells me a whole sixty-six books.
Flip through with me daily and affirm of how an Amazing Man He is.
l am surely not in want of anything.


  1. This is beautiful,a true reflection of our Amazjng Father,Our good Father,who loves us dearly who affirms that each morning,

    Well done Rue!Keep going

  2. Individuals need to be educated on what a relationship with God is like, this speaks more volume and depth in a wonderful honest way.


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