He looks at me 😍

Lion of Judah

l am the apple of His eye;
He knows my Name
He knows my thoughts
He knows my coming and my going
He knows the number of hairs on my head
l am the apple of His eye. 

While He watches He says:
l Am with you till the end of age
l will not leave you nor forsake you
l am fearfully and wonderfully made
l love you
l am the apple of His eye.

There is no hiding from Him
His eye is on the sparrow
l could not earn it as l don't deserve it
Yet He watched me being formed
l am the apple of His eye.

 Let Him look at you
As a Father watching the return of His lost son
As the Shepherd who has found His lost sheep
He will not stop looking at you
You are the apple of His eye.


  1. Awakening truth, yet I allow mundane things to distract me from such mesmerising truth.


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