Situational Relationship

l love children and l definitely will do anything just to be around them. If you know me well, you know that l choose to babysit than hangout with people my own age. Life is so much easier if l only have to deal with children.

Well lately, l have been working with children aged 0-6 but mainly dealing with 3 year old's. There is this one adorable little girl that always comes to me when she is in trouble. At first l was very confused because she likes me from a distance. She smiles and goofs around as long as l am at a distance. When l try come closer, she becomes defensive and just shrugs me away. Then, amazingly slowly but surely she started confiding in me but only when she is in trouble or trying to get something from the other children.  

It makes me so happy as l have learnt to enjoy her company this way. At times, it makes me very sad because she only wants me when she is in trouble. l questioned myself why doesn't she realize that l am there for her in trouble and in good times too. l love and long to just play, goof and chat away anytime but still keeps me at an arms length.

So has been my story with God.

It has taken me months to write this because this has been my situational relationship with God. l have enjoyed how comfortable l can goof and chat around with God from a distance. When all is well and flourishing, l smile and acknowledge Him afar off, l do not allow myself to be fully embraced by Him. To have Him guide me and show me the way. Instead l, say thank you, l got this, l am doing fine. 


When l am in trouble, l run full speed to Him, ask Him to help me out, drag Him across the room or town to where l am struggling. Please help me out l cry, help me overcome this battle, help me pass my exams, heal my friend, please!!!

Soon after, it is thank you Man, l got this, catch You later!

"Behold, l stand at the door and knock, If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, l will come in to him and dine with him and he with Me" Revelation3:20

l am grateful for the Man that has waited patiently by my door knocking. Hoping that one day l would open the door and we could dine, goof and chat together. These situations have been amazing in our relationship 💓



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