"So rock-a-bye baby

                                      Come and rest

                                     You've been tired lately

                                    Lay your head down

                                    Don't you think, baby

                                    l know best

                                   l have been a Father

                                   For a long time"      Steffany Gretzinger- Cecie's Lullaby

Most of my moments are inspired by children,

'Thanks fam' for helping me draw closer to the Lover of my soul.

So, l was babysitting

And today was different.

We got to play with a different toy than we usually get to.

Well, we got the toy because we needed to be distracted

            while something that was in our way was being handled.

Then in a moment our toy had to be taken away

And boom- Tantrum!!!

l sat there watching my little buddy struggle through.

Threats and moments in time out did not work at all,

All we wanted was our toy.

Despite many people trying to explain the reason why they got given the toy for a moment,

We pushed, rolled over, screamed and shoved for the toy- tantrum!

Just like that l was reminded of how l pray for something,

And while God is busy removing all the destructions

        to help me reach my goals- He gives me a toy.

    l enjoy playing with it...

        And when my answer is ready 

        And God says its time...

        l scream and shout

        l yell, l get mad

And through it all God sits there calm whispering "come now child"

 "Come now child. You called me. It is time."

            "Call my name

            And l will answer

            All you need

        It's here inside My arms

                Just breathe

And you'll be safe and Sound with Me"  - Steffany Grretzinger

Tantrums- When we pray and are waiting,

                Let us not settle for what we receive in the moment,

                    It is just a stepping stone.

                Have you like me been tired lately

                   Forgotten what we prayed for

                   And now that it is here

                    We fight it?

Even after a while, the child comes to a realization

They see the bigger picture!



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